Shell Eggs: Daily National Egg Market-at-a-Glance
Atlanta, GA        Tue. Mar. 13 2018    USDA Market News   

SHELL EGGS: Daily National Egg Market-at-a-Glance

New York prices are 5 cents higher for Extra Large and Large, unchanged
for Medium.  California and regional prices are steady.  The undertone
is steady to higher.  Current supplies are light to moderate for trade
requirements.  When compared to the previous week, the shell egg
inventory is up 4.2 percent.  Demand into the retail and food service
channels is moderate to very good in the Northeast region, moderate to
good elsewhere.  Offerings are mixed, mostly light to moderate.  Market
activity is moderate to active.  Breaking stock floor stocks are mostly
moderate for full-time breaking schedules.  The breaking stock inventory
is 6.7 percent higher than last week.  Spent hen offerings are at least
adequate; demand is light.   

SOURCE: USDA Livestock, Poultry & Grain Market News Division
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Prepared:  13-Mar-18 01:17 PM MTH