Shell Eggs: Weekly Combined Regional Shell Eggs (Fri)
Washington, DC          Fri. Jun 08, 2018          USDA Market News             
Weekly Combined Regional Shell Eggs                                             

Average prices on sales to volume buyers, USDA Grade A and Grade A,             
White eggs in cartons, delivered warehouse, cents per dozen                     
REGIONS                             EX LARGE    LARGE   MEDIUM                  
NORTHEAST                              86.00    85.00    76.50                  
SOUTHEAST                              89.50    87.50    77.00                  
MIDWEST                                78.50    76.50    69.50                  
SOUTH CENTRAL                          94.50    88.50    76.50                  
COMBINED REGIONAL                      87.47    84.53    74.90                  

Computed from simple weekly averages weighted by regional area populations      

Source:   USDA Livestock, Poultry, and Grain Market News                        
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Prepared: 08-Jun-18 01:16 PM E MP